Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pinky moo moo

Happy Birthday - 27

Dear all,

Today is the day! My BFF is turning 27 and in a few months she'll be a mommy!

I love her, I love her!

She has been with me since my Uni life doing our BSc Environmental Management System (Uni of Malaya of course). But now, she's working in SME Corp Msia (Jauh sgt lari dr bidang)

Marilah mari budak uni join internship SME, kwn baik sy handle anda!!!! mari2!!!

Okey! I love you more and more NURUL ZAHIRAH AYOB! semoga Allah kekalkan silaturrahim yang indah ini. Oh! psl MOO Moo~ pinky tu bila aku tgk pix tu aku trus ingt ko suka MOO Moo~ dlu, tp this one is pink, I think now on u like pink already kot! hahahahaha

Thank you for supporting me in any field of my life! Hope this relationship remain till anak cucu kita!


Jg diri, jg kandungan , jg ur blissfully married hubby (ATOK), jg mak mertua dan ayah mertua, jg umi baba jugak! dan jadilah kakak yg baik untuk adik2 kau!

Bye Bye WEKk, Zach, Harihaz cantik

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wordless Tuesday at 5.00PM (Wanna go home...Please move faster TIME)

Green Apple Awards (Silver Winner) for 2nd Penang Bridge Project

Please be on time

My cycle for this month already 30days, but still, the Miss P is still not coming and also there's no signs of coming.

I need to go to Dr Suriyati, please come..... Please.... Next please be on time, I need to schedule my "fertile day" properly, and know my ovulation day.

Oh, btw, just now my old friend is asking me about trying to conceive with BIODEX, she said that BIODEX will be holding an event , which is all of their customers were gathered and will share their successful testimonials using this product. This event will be held at the BIODEX stockist in Wangsa Maju (on 29Sept 2013) which is near to my residential area. If there's a chance, maybe will ask husband to join this event, InsyaAllah.... Feel free to visit their web at this link for more information.

Ps - My hubby's n me BIODEX's honey still in their box, will use it till the next visit to Ustaz Sadi. But still don't know when will go and see him cause currently we're on treatment with Dr Suriyati.

Me wanna share a moment of Kak Cik's convocation, but malas nk karang, so will update it later okeyh? (Bajet macam la ade org bace belog kau nikky oi!)

Till then, bye bye!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

World University Ranking

Salam and good morning all,

Congrats to University of Malaya my former uni, for both of my bachelor degree and master degree...

Love being UM'ian.... ♡♡♡

May this uni produce good students...ameeen...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wordless Thursday

This is the review and the documents that need to study... Ohhh man! Lazatnyerrrr tgk n study keje org yg rubbish so that I'll be the one yang akan edit.

Lagi bagus lah lau aku buat dr awal, then I do rs honorship of the system ...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Perihal Dr Suriati, Klinik Pakar Wanita Suria

Salam all, I think lately I`m quite often updating this blog. Cause I really2 want to update my TTC journey. I think that I need to write every single effort made during this journey.

As per describe in the title, actually I wanna brief explain about this clinic, KLINIK KELUARGA & KLINIK PAKAR WANITA SURIA (actually I get the information in regards to this clinic from one of blog that I used to read, this is the link Why I choose this clinic eventho I’ve been to Pusat Perubatan Naluri which is near to my house? Why and Why? Hehehe.... I’ve been to Naluri about 2 times, done with sperm count test and I’ve been prescribed with Clomiphine for one cycle or period. Then Dr Kamaria, said that to come back if period turn up for next month. The next month my period turns up, but a bit late, if I’m not mistaken 3,4 days late. Then at that time I’m quite busy with Audit preparation, so I miss the follow up check. Then I stop TTC with Dr Kamaria, she’s ok la, but she’s not explaining much so I feel annoyed with her. After I stop TTC with Dr Kamaria, I tried to TTC by taking the Shaklee supplements only (I'm also Shaklee independent distributor , feel free to visit this

Then after Hari Raya, I start my TTC. Then, I came across this Klinik Keluarga n Pakar Wanita Suria. This clinic open in the evening and night, it’s seems like easier for us to follow up. Since in Pusat Perubatan Naluri I have to take MC, EL or half day for follow up, I think it's better to move into this clinic. Eventho this clinic is quite far which is in Cheras, but I do satisfied with the service. As for the doctor, I do like Dr Suriati, she’s humble, explained everything well (sampai saya dan suami faham la), then, she seems like sincere to help us in this TTC. During my first visit , she just scans my womb, then she measures the uterus. She said that my womb seems to be fine with no problems like cystic fibrosis, pcos etc. After the scan, she explained all the details. She ask us to come to her clinic after my 2nd day period. For the 2nd day period, she said that she’s gonna give me clomiphine and after 3 days on clomiphine, she asks me to come to scan the egg.

This procedure is to examine the size of the egg and predict the ovulation time, so that the right time to make babies predicted. The best condition for making babies are;
  •  Follicle size (contains egg) should be 18-22mm
  • The follicle count should be intermediate (if many, maybe to have twin babies)
  •  Endometrial thickness should be 10mm (minimum 8mm)

Total of expenses for the 1st visit is Rm135.00. So for me, the price is ok compared to Naluri which is near Rm200.00.

So, I have to wait till my next period, then consult Dr Suriati for the next progress of TTC. See you then Dr, will come accordingly.

This story will be continue till the next visit.

Lot of love,