Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Piss off!

A day by day, I felt pissed off with my office task, environment etc. But Why??? Cause of the top management who don't like my bos and his superior!  My says go to my MD!! He got professor title, ge got doctorate title, he got Dato title, he got so called tanda on his forehead (kuat agama la kot) but the way he treat and served us as an employees is not the proper way.

Why??? Cause he got favorite people who can say anythings and the said is approved as the best solutions. Its so called favoritism!!!  Then, the team can't do the task properly, the operations and maintenance likely to be started cause of the opening date nearly around the corner. BUT, the procedures are still not there, give us (me and bos) the draft of rubbish! Even to print out which one come first and which one after pun I can't!! The standard template was given, the numbering should be accordingly stack, the wordings and grammar also trash!... But this fav people claims that they've already finished up all those things coordially. Then, gives the trash to our department to finalized and implement it. So, what to aspect???? Pissed off!! The fav people are director's fav and that director was MD's fav. Huhhhhhh

Ok. Done for today!!

Ya Allah kurniakn lah rezeki untuk kami supaya bersabar dalam dugaan ini.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A job or profession

A reading process is one of the method to get knowledge but still I need practical to totally understand.

I wish there's a better job for me out there.

Just wanna share that the UiTM tenaga pengajar muda is now opening...

Ya Allah please lead me to the best way of job satisfaction in life to get better lifestyle.

Ya Allah, please ease me for the pintu2 rezeki, ease me to get zuriat yang baik dan soleh solehah... ameenn