Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Every where n everyone r keep on saying n gossiping bout last nite game!!

Indonesia vs Malaysia

The score is 1-1 but Msia win this game wif penalty!!yehaaaa

The game was totally can makd people wif no heart attact go heart attact ( sowi for Mr Bos cz he on mdical leave cz of this)

KFCM famous!! But Fakhri lg femes kne kutuk mlm td!!!kasihannnn....

I'm totally proud to be Msia

And I Ckp tak puas ht dgn slogan Indonesia bisa itu....

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Monday, November 21, 2011

This trial post using my smart hp...

Ok!!! Testing3...

my hubby ckp i ade smart phone die ade bodo phone je!!

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Just drop & .....

I just drop in the blog,and like the woowoooottttt...I am so called neglect tis blog so long, sowi blog!!

Then after a second I view my blog then I start to gowdek2 the setting wut eva, then I install bloggerdroid to my hp, seems like I wanna come back je!!!

Toodlesss...see u next time bloggie!

*** P/S - Lets wait n see there are a come back or not!!! Uhhh... I nk bgtahu! I dah happily married! :p