Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Every where n everyone r keep on saying n gossiping bout last nite game!!

Indonesia vs Malaysia

The score is 1-1 but Msia win this game wif penalty!!yehaaaa

The game was totally can makd people wif no heart attact go heart attact ( sowi for Mr Bos cz he on mdical leave cz of this)

KFCM famous!! But Fakhri lg femes kne kutuk mlm td!!!kasihannnn....

I'm totally proud to be Msia

And I Ckp tak puas ht dgn slogan Indonesia bisa itu....

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Monday, November 21, 2011

This trial post using my smart hp...

Ok!!! Testing3...

my hubby ckp i ade smart phone die ade bodo phone je!!

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Just drop & .....

I just drop in the blog,and like the woowoooottttt...I am so called neglect tis blog so long, sowi blog!!

Then after a second I view my blog then I start to gowdek2 the setting wut eva, then I install bloggerdroid to my hp, seems like I wanna come back je!!!

Toodlesss...see u next time bloggie!

*** P/S - Lets wait n see there are a come back or not!!! Uhhh... I nk bgtahu! I dah happily married! :p

Thursday, January 13, 2011

sepi! sepi! kerana diriku bizi

Salam guys,
Wat a long none updates right? lagi pn i duno what to update.sbb saya bukan artis pun nk update segalanyanya pasal i kan? its very the teettttttttttt la kan? kan?

still blurr, and duno what to update.thinking!!(sambil mata hampir tertutup akibat kekenyagan melampau selepas melantak nasik lemak dan beryani)

this year is the last phase for my master degree, hopefully i can survive till the end.

but like derrrr~ my proposal still not finished yet(nikkky!!! WTH are u doing ha?)

ok.Emo!! sila berbalik kepada mood asal, emo tahap sedikit.

Ermm....I'm going hommey this coming sunday! thats call yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy3!

then, hope everythinggy gonna be just like what we plan!

then, hopefully this year i also can settle down all thinggy that i want! plis brave nikky yippy duppy lovely!

eermmm...dah la update, saya rasa mengantuk ya amat~
dan sakit kepala pun tidak ilang lagi