Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my brand new blog!!

to those missing me..

here i am again.

unfortunately i'm a lil bit depress with my life now, even people can see my smile..

just now, i'm reading sumbody's blog that really2 loving...

i noe that she got her perfert hubby to be..but, i'm not really agree to express those in this..(geleman jap bace)

but, they are getting engage, about 1 more month to go...
even they are in love not more than 5 month..
they are sweet..
hope for the happines in them..

me?? me???

this are our 2nd year love..
hope for the best in us too..
(pray hard)

since a long silence and quite..
today i wrote sumthing

i have a mentally distress..
but i have to be happy..

till then, bubbaye