Thursday, January 14, 2010


saye harap saye boleh jadi wanita bersabar

saye harap die ok

saye rase saya ni dah banyak menyusahkan die kot~

kenape berdiam diri

Monday, January 4, 2010

life once in a lifetime

everybody now all busy with their own world

also me

hope for the strong in me

i have the spirit, i have the things, i have to struggle...
life is not as simple as we assume
its hard actually

but please enjoy and get a life
even though i know now on and forward, i have no life..but i don't think i don't have life at all, but i have to sacrifice for my own sake and my own future

discussing all the things with the person that understand me is something awsome and comfort me well, thanks for that
i know you are also like me
but then, its all about life, life is only once in a life time, so by hook or by crook we have to enjoy and try to put the best in whatever we are doing now
the choices is ours and we choose the way, so we have to try our best to put an effort on the things that we do, am i right?

between, i just wanna tell a story of a friendship
last friday is my last last day, before i have to transform all of my mind settings and all brand new thingseven though lotsa things happen in me in 2009
2010 happens very fast for me,
now on and forwards, i have new aims in my life
new targets in my life
even though i know its tougher for this year
hope i can do it!!

this is what i want, and i know this is abah's wishes
i hope i can be somebody one day

friends that here with me
i love all of them

thanks for the most happy day
thanks IKA
thanks ZACH
thanks PIJA
thanks FANA
thanks AZAH

pray for me all friends!!